Post call recording script not works

Hi, I want to use a post call recording script to encrypt each recording. I started testing with a simple bash script like :

/bin/echo “hello” > /home/txt

chmod 777 /home/

and, /home/ in FreePBX web, advanced settings, Post Call Recording Script.

I can find the line in a log file :
"10/21/internal-900-100-20201021-105502-1603263302.151.wav,abi(LOCAL_MIXMON_ID),/home/ ) in new stack

but there is no txt file at the home directory. How can I do that work?

People say this, but it often leads to poor performance.

An approach that works well for me (and others) is to wait until the end of the day and convert all of your previous day’s recordings at once at the end of the current day/start of the next day.

If you’re asking how to do something else, you need to tell us what you’re actually trying to accomplish so we can help.

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