Possible to use ring group only for inbound calls?

I use a ring group with two extensions - 201 for the house phone and 202 for my home office. While playing with my new grandstream HT286, I discovered that “early dial” (mentioned in an earlier thread) eliminated annoying dial delay. Unfortunately, when I tried calling a standard 11-digit number starting with 1, the office phone started ringing and the cordless started chirping the call waiting cue. After googling, I discovered that you can dial the ring group number from any extension (believe it or not, I never knew that!) Obviously, this doesn’t work too well for me :frowning: I have no interest in using the ring group for outbound calls, just inbound. Is there a way to disable the outbound dial aspect of ring groups? If not, how do I deal with this? Some simul-ring aspect of Follow Me?

Seems like you only have two extensions so …
a) turn off early dial and train yourself to press # at the end of the number to terminate, this will work best long term or see if you can adjust the timeout as the handset must be sending the number incomplete or it would not match the ring group number.
b) change the number of the ring group to something that will never match an outbound dial pattern

i had actually thought of option B last night going to sleep :slight_smile: it’s not a matter of training, i only just replaced a pap2t with the grandstream, i just thought the early dial was a neat feature getting rid of an annoyance. thx!

Update: uh-oh. it seems the gui doesn’t let you pick the ring group number, so the first one will always be #1, which will always match. i thought of the follow-me trick, and sending inbound calls to extension 201 and having it simul-ring 202, but then if either extension tries to call the other, you’ll have anomalies there :frowning:

you can’t edit an existing ring group number, you can create a new ring group and delete the old one and put what ever number you want.

I had an old setup, when I created a new ring group, it defaulted to 600, which does not clash with anything, so I’m good to go…