Possible to set different CID for each outbound route


I have two numbers and one trunk. I would like to be able to dial 9 for outside line and have CID display MD number, or dial 8 for outside line and have CID display DE number.

I cant see anywhere or even a workaround to set this up, Am I overlooking something???

Take it EZ on me folks, I have only been playing with the system for about a month now :slight_smile:

Thanks much

create two separate outbound routes one for each different number using the same trunk and required dialing pattern. Then in the outbound route set the DID to what is needed, do not set it in the trunk section.

It is also possible that your provider will not allow you to override the outbound CID info. Many do not as it can be considered spoofing which done for bad purposes is illegal in the US.

Two ways you can do this (off the top of my head).

Easy way…( and the best way for a small setup )

Set up two Extensions
Doesn’t matter what numbers lets say 200 and 300 to be simple (but it could just as easily be 200 and 201)

Set outbound CID by Extension

Register both Extensions to the phone. ( I use Aastra phones… they’re great btw)

Most Sip phones will have a SIP Line X and this is how you register two different extensions to one phone.

To call and have your outbound CID be MD hit Sip L1 to have DE hit Sip L2.

Harder way…
If you had 100 users that need this… 200 extensions would suck.

Instead of one trunk and one outbound route, make two trunks with the same settings, but set the CID to be MD on one and DE on the other.

Make two outbound routes, set the dial rules to be “9|.” (This means dialing 9-1800-spankme will go out this trunk)
Make the other dial rule to be “8|.” (Dialing 8-1800-spankme will go out this trunk)

I guess thats not actually harder… whatever works best for your setup.

As of the newest FreePBX 2.4.x you cannot set CID on “outbound route” as far as I know.

you are correct. I was not thinking. If it is a SIP trunk duplicate it and in each trunk setting use the override call ID option. then you have a MD outbound route tied to a MD sip trunk.

FYI: Newest FreePBX is 2.5

Yea, sorry when I said Newest FreePBX 2.4.x I meant newest of the old :stuck_out_tongue: