Possible to port Round Robin Memory over to Ring Groups?

Just wondering if it’s possible to port the Round Robin Memory ring strategy from Queues to Ring Groups?


I tried for days and could not get it to work like Ring Groups… with Ring Groups if all the phones are set to DND then the call will go directly to voicemail, unlike Queues, which (no matter what options I used) always joined the empty queue. I read all the How To pages and forum posts on the subject that I could find, but finally gave up! Ring Groups exactly as I need, so my next goal is to try and get Round Robin Memory implemented with Ring Groups!


You should be able to set up a queue with static agents to behave like a ring group. You might need to experiment a little with the parameters to get it to do exactly what you want.

jsherk, I see you posting in the trixbox forums as well. I am assuming you are running trixbox? I haven’t set up queues in trixbox for quite some time, but the last time I was trying, there were bugs that Fonality introduced into their “fork” of FreePBX that made queues not work as they are supposed to. Why don’t you try out the new FreePBX where things work properly.

I used Trixbox before switching to FreePBX, and still post over there because there is lots of good info in those forums as well. I am using FreePBX with Asterisk 1.4.18
I don’t have ability to upgrade unfortunately.

So you installed stand-alone Asterisk and then installed FreePBX? You are not using a distro currently like trixbox or Elastix?

Your answer states you “switched over” to FreePBX. Pretty much all the distros like trixbox, Elastix, PIAF, and AsteriskNOW use FreePBX.

I initally had Trixbox installed on our own server, but due to bandwidth issues and not really being a server guy, we switched to a company and they host the server at their location. And although I have access to it, upgrading something is a problem because if I break it, then it will cost a whole lot of $$$ to have them fix it. And FreePBX with Asterisk 1.4.18 is what their currently using so that’s why I can’t upgrade.

Huebs, I did not notice it was jsherk posting until just now.

He is actually one of our first hosted blade server customers out of the Cleveland market. Our blade server build was done long before the distro so it’s bare metal CentOS, Asterisk and FreePBX. I can certainly build a later Asterisk for jsherk.

If a later build might help with Join Empty Queues + Static Agents issues, that would be great… everything else if working good though, so don’t want to cause other issues!

Scott, not sure that will help to resolve his issue. I thought he was running trixbox after reading some of his posts on that forum. I struggled for awhile trying to get my queues to work properly before finding out Fonality screwed up queues. The last time I tried with them was trix though…and then did my own bare metal install for that customer with unaltered FreePBX and had no issues with queues…

But for jsherk, some were recommending queues to do what he is looking for and was trying to save him some frustration if he was using trixbox and they were still messing up queues with PBXConfig.

With Free PBX 2.9/asterisk 1.8 I made it work using queues as I think it is wanted:

Ring Strategy: RRMemory
Skip Busy Agents: Yes
Ringing Instead of MOH: Checked
Max Wait Time: 30 secs
Max Wait Time Mode: Strict
Agent Timeout: 30 secs
Maximum Callers: 0
Join Empty: Ultra Strict
Leave Empty: Strict

Are you using Static Agents? What happens if all static agent set DND on? Will the call skip the Queue?

Yes, I used static agents and set the two extensions I had set up to DND, the call rang once and then went to the Voicemail failover I had setup.

Ok, thats good to know! Are your static agents setup with just the extension number (like 2001) or do you have a letter in front (like S2001)?

Just the extension number

Jeff - Have you tried using system DND and not the button on the extension.

If you mean *78 and *79 then yes. DND (*78 and *79) works great with the ring groups, but is completely ignored by the queue.


The whole DND thing wont work on 1.4 without the dev state patch and the queuestate patch the FreePBX wrote. Both of these are included in the stock Asterisk 1.8 that is why it works on 1.8 because the device hint carries through to the local channel so the queue sees the agent is in DND which marks them as busy and kicks in the failover.

Thanks Tony for that info! I tried just about everything I could possibly think of (read a lot of stuff on forums and google) but could not get it to work! At least I now know that it won’t work on 1.4 so I can stop trying!

Guys, I know this a really old string, but I am having the queue/DND problem. I have a queue with several static users, and when all are on DND, calls join the queue and must timeout before they go to the overflow. I need them to overflow immediately if all static agents are on DND. I am using the current FreePBX distro with asterisk 11.

Any input on how to accomplish this with this configuration?