Possible to journal voicemails for retention policy?

We’re a local government running asterisk. Our legal department would like us to start keeping all voicemails for a 2 year period.
I haven’t found anyway to do this other than sending the voicemails to the users email address, which I’m not wanting to do, simply because because of resource issues on our mail server. (I’m keeping that as a plan “B” option.)

Has anyone else attempted to set anything like this up?

I would prefer to have voicemails duplicated out to a second storage location, so users would still be able to clear their voicemail boxes, but we’d have an alternate copy of everything on another server.

Thank you for any input.


If you want them stored on another box the simplest way I can think of is install postfix/sendmail on this other archive server. Then when you create a extension use a local to phone system alias and inside the local sendmail/postfix make that alias a group with 2 addresses, one for the archive system and one for the local voicemail account.

The big problem with rsync’ing (or any kind of file sync’ing) the folders and voicemails is that the system renames them as messages are added and deleted. so this moment msg0001 is not the same file as yesterday if something has happened to that person’s voicemail (new message, delete, etc).

Many other issues can arise also. Do you just need to archive the initial message and whom it goes to? or do you also need to archive them if they are forwarded, etc? How many extensions are we talking about, rate of change, etc.

A full and complete description of the problem and how you use your system would help in coming up with solutions that might be easy (or not).

You can easily have the voicemail email address be that user, and an external address that archives the messages. Or even an internal one that feeds the email message into a script that archives it wherever you want.