Possible To Hack DID Routing

Just curious:

Is it ever possible for a DID route to be redirected if someone had the right position in a company? I am sure a caller can still spoof a CID number, but this question is about routing a called number. I know I can legitimately port out/in a number, so the mechanism seems to be in place…

In the past, if I received a call from a business asking me to call back, I would look in other records for the phone number of that business and compare numbers to make sure I have the right number.

In today (and tomorrow’s) world, is it possible for a DID to be redirected in a compromised situation? Let say someone works for a SIP trunking service that routes all of a banks DID’s. Could this someone temporarily send all calls of the banks DIDs to another server?

I think I am talking to My Bank, but really I am not.

I am sure the probability of this happening could be considered low, but am asking about possibility.


As there is no end to end encryption, you have to trust some people, outside the origin and destination organisation.

of course he/she could, but hopefully your bank uses a more supervised supplier

OK. I was hoping you guys would say that it is impossible. I guess I would have to ask the business to confirm their identity, too.