Possible Phonebook Issue?

Not sure if this is an issue or not but I will do my best to explain.

Call in on voicepulse.com on up2date freepbx install. Caller ID shows up fine.

Call in on vitelity.com line without caller ID installed shows up as number. (Ok this is all expected)

Added Internal as a CID source with cach results ticked.

Added phone number and name to phonebook without speeddial ticked.

Called in from the work line again and the new name was not displayed.

I am using a ring group with the option to modify the CID name W = Work H = Home
So I took that off so all that is displayedin the CID name is the number now.
So it was not that.

Why is it not matching the number from the phonebook and using the name? The number is exactly the same AFAIK anyway it uses a %like% so I need not worry about a 1 preceeding the set.

Screenshot of CID Sources Setup, Phonebook Entry and Call Logs