Possible Hack but not sure where

Today I made a phone call to another office. Both offices (mine and the remote office) are running the latest stable FreePBX with all updates installed.

When I made the call there was a pause, and then a voice came on the line saying “Congratulations! You’ve won blah blah blah! Press 1 for this…”

At that point I hung up and dialed the number again - this time it went straight through to my destination without issue.

My office is behind a firewall with no open ports (we use VPN for external extensions) and the destination is behind a very basic router/firewall also with no open ports. We have strong passwords for every extension and the freepbx admin itself.

So my question is: is this a problem on at the destination (where I was calling to) or the source (where I was calling from) and how can I eradicate the issue? I haven’t been able to replicate since…so I’m having trouble seeing anything in the logs.

Thank you for any advice you can give!

Anyone have any ideas? I wondered if this possibly just a Vitelity glitch? Anyone ever heard of anything like it?

That’s a new one on me! If you manage to get it to happen again, feel free to paste some logs and we’ll see what happened!

Our company is a service provider that has about 400 DNISes under its command. I have heard this message several dozen times when calling numbers that are LIKE our numbers to solve customer complaints. Whatever number you dialed went out over the PSTN and landed on one of these.

The strange thing is this: I dialed the other office, got the weird message, disconnected the call, and then pressed redial. So I’m fairly certain it wasn’t a misdial on my behalf.

So are you suggesting the called was just incorrectly routed by our provider maybe?

Correct; maybe /var/log/asterisk/full can verify that?

It may have gone out the wrong trunk depending on congestion or something…I’m not sure…but that would make the most sense. Is the number you dialed PSTN-routable but configured to go somewhere other than the PSTN destination?

This MAY be an issue with a particular underlying carrier; if VZ route == scam, L3 route == proper, that could explain the behavior.

Anyway, this is a knowledgebase article in our helpdesk because of the frequency with which it occurs. I’ll update it with the potential carrier aspect and probably do absolutely nothing after that :stuck_out_tongue: but if I learn anything more, I’ll come back here and update this thread.

So it happened again today, but this time I was calling a different outside number (a clients cell phone number). So this seems to be on my end. What log should I post?

With Vitelity you can compare the call record of what your pbx dialed with what they saw you dial.

ahh thanks I didn’t know that! Will check my Vitelity portal at that time today and see what it shows.

So I compared calls in FreePBX to my Vitelity call log and they seem to match! I’m perplexed over here.

Call Vitelity , they are quite good on technical support, have all the called numbers and the time that failed then succeeded at hand

Will do thank you all for your input

This sounds like a routing problem with your outgoing service provider or the company holding the DID.

You need to do some additional tests:

  1. Does the problem occur on outbound calls from your particular provider to other numbers??
  2. Does the problem occur on inbound calls from other providers (i.e., from a mobile phone or another VOIP provider)?

It seems unlikely to me that this is related in any way to your system.

Forgot to update on this…it ended up being a Vitelity issue. The problem resurfaced this month…had Vitelity look into it and they ended up changing routes.