Possible causes of stuck channels with FreePBX 12 and Asterisk 12

It turns out that my version of Asterisk is no longer supported (12.6.0). I just looked and the FreePBX downloads page seems to indicate that only 11 or 13 are supported. Is that true?

Yes, 12 was a short release, and I’m sorry I didn’t notice that before. I’d switch to 13 if I was you - that only difference is, CDRs can become a lot more verbose.

Or, you can change to 11. If you’re using FreePBX Distro or similar, there’s a command ‘asterisk-version-switch’ which will let you pick the version you want.

Cool, I was just reading up on that command, it looks like the switch couldn’t be much easier. I am going to make a backup and switch to 13 tonight. I will be sure to post how it goes and if I get any more hung channels after moving to 13.

So far, so good. The switch to 13 was a breeze and I haven’t had a hung channel so far.

Thank you again, Rob.

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