Possible Bug


It appears that we’re having an issue with the Yealink config generation in EPM. We’re trying to generate a BLF key to monitor a few extensions. When viewing the button config on the template (GUI) the Label and Value options are being used incorrectly in the phone. When we view the values on the phone’s gui, they are reversed, where the Value goes to Label, and label goes to value. I confirmed this by swapping the values and the BLF keys work correctly.

The system we’re using a FreePBX Distro 13.0.49 with all updates. Asterisk 13, EPM v 13.0.14.

Please file a report at http://issues.freepbx.org

So as I’m grabbing screen captures of the phones and template settings, i made the values generic to make i easy to identify the images, the values flipped themselves, and now seem to be applying correctly…

Sorry for the noise…