Possible Bug with Fax Pro and User Portal

Hi Guys,

We’re doing a huge promo for our new eFax services, however, we might have to postpone it since I think I’ve found a bug in the user portal when using Fax Pro.

It is to my understanding that the fax module only extensions that are ENABLED for fax can use the fax menu in the user portal. However, I’ve been testing and it seems like even if an extension has not been enabled for the fax extension, they can still send faxes. I think that is a bug. Only extensions that are enabled to send and recieve faxes should be able to do so, not all the extensions on the system. If a clients who got “lucky” finds this out, they could potentially use this for evil.

Could this be looked into please? Or maybe I’m missing something?

I am running the FreePBX Distro FreePBX-5.211.65-14-x86_64-Full-1402716429, so that would be:

Asterisk 11.10.2


This is fixed in FreePBX 12. Probably not what you want to hear. It won’t be fixed in 2.11 as it would require numerous changes to the underlying code base which has been/is depreciated.

Drat… ok. I have the beta installed so I’ll test it out there. Thanks for the reply!