Possible bug in DAHDI trunk configuration?

Hello everyone,
I have encountered an issue which I feel is a bug in FreePBX during my last two deployments. Basically, what happens is, when I configure my DAHDI trunk, I cannot make outgoing calls (allcircuits are busy now). The cause of this is that the group number is not added to the channels in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi_groups.conf. If I add the group manually, incoming and ougoing calls work as expected. However, I found that if I do not make the file read-only (chattr +i), then the next time I make a change and reload, FreePBX strips the group number from the file, and it reverts to not being able to make outgoing calls.

I’m using AsteriskNow, and after install, I use yum to update all packages. I then use FreePBX to upgrade the core and all modules to the latest available before I begin any configuration.

Are you using the DAHDI module from Digium? This module is buggy.

Actually yes, I am - I figured since I’m using a Digium card I should use Digium’s DAHDI module. What is the recommended module?

Unfortunately DAHDI does not lend itself to a GUI. Every attempt does a lousy job. The best way is to run gendahdiconf then tweak the generated files. Usually only a context change is required and make sure that the include for FreePBX FXS station ports is intact.

Well I actually tried that on the first deployment, but I found when I would write changes in FreePBX that it would overwrite chan_dahdi_groups.conf and I’d be back at square one unless I made it read only.

I have never heard of chan_dahdi_groups.conf

FreePBX owns chan_dahdi_additional.conf, that file contains programming for FreePBX extensions that use FXS technology. FreePBX does not configure DAHDI trunks.

Here is the includes in chan_dahdi.conf

**** Update chan_dahdi_groups is generated by the Digium DAHDI module for FreePBX that was mentioned in the beginning of the thread as not working and unsupported by FreePBX, it was written by the Asterisk team.