POS terminal question

hi everyone,

I was asked a question that I never met before: wheter or not POS terminals are working via SIP connection? Should I use a loseless codec or what? Our partner s thinking about deploying a POS terminal into their new building but there’s nothing “just” a 10MBit connection and a connection to a SIP proxy where the calls should come in and go out. Ah, and they have a fax machine (analog) but I’m sure there will be lot’s of experience in the archives. I remember there are some problems getting and sending faxes via SIP connection.
So, anybody use a POS terminal via a SIP proxy? There’s a PSTN number outside which one is forward to the incoming extension, as usual.


Could work, but at a lower speed than a normal phoneline. If we are talking about an modem? I have it working in 80% of the cases like this:

POS <-> ATA (alaw) <-> Asterisk <-> TDM400P (fxo) <-> PSTN

Hook it up to an ata and try.

Good luck!

Thanks. Is there any problems connecting the POS to a TDM400 (fxo card)? I don’t think so. Oh, and there will be no PSTN connection, the only way out of the building will be a 10Mbit/s IP connection and the ISP will provide a SIP proxy. I will give it a try, however. I will follow-up the topic and write about the findings.

You need a FXS module for the POS!

If your business is going to depend on a reliable POS/modem connection you should seriously consider finding a way to get a POTS connection into the facility for the POS machine. If that is not possible, you should do some serious testing on the quality of the line between you and the provider and do some investigation with the provider to determine how stable they are in keeping this working for you.
The other option that is well worth investigating is the existence of a fully IP/internet based POS system that has no reliance on the phone system. I know very little about what is available out there but in today’s world of choices, I suspect there are options.

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