Porting Ring Central?

I am in the middle or porting my number from these guys so we can start utilizing freepbx and save some money. Has anyone ported from ring central? How long did it take?

Yes. The port took 2 or 3 weeks.

That’s a “not nearly enough” answer followed by a “not nearly enough” answer.

There are two steps:

  1. Setting up the Asterisk/FreePBX server.

This is the easy part. A simple, working PBX can be done in a couple of hours (depending on download speed). After that, the hard part starts and is driven by what your system at Ring Central is set up to do. Setting up the queues, phones, ring groups, time conditions, time groups, etc. can take a lot of research. This can stretch the amount of time it takes to be ready to port your number to several weeks or a couple of hours, it just depends.

  1. Porting your number,

I’ve ported lots of numbers, Most of them take about 10 days, give or take 3. I’ve gotten a couple done in a couple days, one took five months.

Porting your numbers is a completely separate activity from setting up your services. The problem with coming from Ring Central is that you are doing both at the same time. If they give you the option, you can set a Fully Operational Capability (FOC) date and get your local servers set up to be ready to go on that date.

awesome. thanks guys for your help