Ported FreePBX 2.5.1 to FreeBSD 8.0

Well almost…

Based on previous work I wrote a FreeBSD port that takes 2.5.1.
Beats it up to be more Unix/FreeBSD like
And then installs the lot.

I even got as far as that I’m able to use the ISDN capi driver ISDN4BSD to dialin and out.

So I’m come quite some way.
Most are ‘location’ things. FreeBSD likes to keep files in different places, and that requires once in a while some rewriting. But all in all it isn’t a hard job, it just requires some stamina.

But before I try an tidy things up, I would appreciate the opinion of the FreePBX developers on how to go further.

I see at least 2 possible ways:

  1. take the changes and merge them with what is being developed.
  2. let the FreePBX development as is, and run al the modifications into rewriting and patching scripts.

Naturally I prefer the first,in which case the FreeBSD port becomes less of hack.
In the second case I’ll probably will just keep it to myself. Since publishing it willjust require a huge load of support questions. And I’m not equipped to handle that.

So I’d welcome your suggestions, even the most basic ones.

One other question I have is why did the 2.1 port not make it into the ports tree. Did the creator just give up?


Hi WjW,

Many pieces of software (like Asterisk) are very Linux-centric and aren’t going to change. What you’ve done with creating a FreeBSD port with rewriting and patching scripts is quite common and quite “proper” from the perspective of any FreeBSD user who has used very Linux-centric software from the ports collection before. Don’t sell your work short as a lamehack, the patching and rewriting of Linuxy hardcoded paths and such is exactly what the FreeBSD ports seem to be for.

Would you be willing to send me what you’ve got and save me some trouble? I would be willing to submit the freepbx port and act as the official port maintainer if you’d like.

Well there’s 2 things:

  1. I’m not happy with the way I first did it. So 'll be trying a different approach: I’ve now got a Perl-script that rewrites all Linux-isms into FreeBSD lingo. And that I’ll apply before installing the port into /usr/local/
    The advantage is that the same script will be usable when installing updates, which is now where I get into serious trouble, 'cause the still are linux-oriented

  2. I’ll have another go at it as soon as I find the time to have a look at 2.6. But to be honest: there’s not all that much free time at the moment.


I’am online test, 3xs.

I’m interested in helping with this project.

It would be good to take a look at what you have so far; perhaps I could find some time to chew through some of the bugs.

I’m running freebsd 7.2, but i don’t mind putting my dev system to 8.0 to test either.