Portech MV374


Trying to setup a Portech MV-374 with FreePBX/Asterisk and failing miserably.
Here’s the scenario…
FreePBX/Asterisk with a static IP on a server somewhere else in the world. I have setup SIP numbers with Sipgate along with extensions and a mobile client, no problems what so ever, all working fine.
The MV-374 is at my home, plugged into the router via the Portech WAN port, router has a dynamic IP, although I have setup up a DNS name for it, that works and can access it no problems with browser. All ports are open to the Portech (DMZ).
I had it running fine when connecting to 3CX, but dont like it, and very choppy indeed, hence the change.

This little puppy on the other hand with FreePBX, nightmare. I have read numourous post, google searches and loads of late nights but to no avail.

Anybody have a clear and precise setup that works ? or able to point me to something that works ?

Tell us more. I don’t know of many 3CX converts on here.

If you have logs or other documentation, help us help you.

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