Portable Handsets for my Freepbx

Being in the UK I am being asked to add a couple of portable handsets to the system.

I inherited a Trixbox and have ditched that, changed it all to a Freepbx and currently run it on 12.0.13 (6.12.65-20)

The desktop handsets are Grandstream GXP1450 which really aren’t great for how we use them but suffice.

Even if its a sales pitch - Could anyone please recommend any decent handsets that work and well :smile:

Thanks in anticipation

Search for SNOM, Aastra and Grandstream DECT solutions.

I use Grandstream DP715, great little phone for the price, I think you can run 5 slaves off of one base station. Talk time is not bad, could be better. Easy to set up and configure the phones, each base station has a web server you configure your options from.

Perfect Deanot, reasonably priced and appears to do exactly what we require.

Way too many to choose from and having no experience with either its a mine field.

Thanks both for your replies.

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It’s a bit ‘left field’ but at one site, where there is full Wi-Fi coverage over several floors, a ‘cheap’ Android/smart phone which has built in SIP might be the way to go. I use a ‘Pay as you go’ Sony Experia (£55 from Vodafone) without a sim card as a handset.

I’m less trusting of the phones needing an App however.