Port opening, port triggering, port forwarding, PORT WINE and lots of it if I can't figure this stuff out soon

I’m a newbie so be gentle…
I have a great deal of bandwidth for what I’m accustomed to) 16 mbps and usually 4 to 5 upstream.

Still, I everything hooked to a dlink gaming 625-c router that is made to support QOS. I’m running Asterisk with freepbx.org and have version
Can anyone reiterate the correct way to set up my router? I do have a stand alone server with its own address running Asterisk on Linux that’s located in my office, but it has it’s own dedicated connection, although speeds are somewhat less. Any advice for a enthusiastic newbie on how to properly configure my router?

Unless you have remote phones to connect or another PBX to connect to or a
crappy voip provider you do not need to anything to your router.

If you have remote phone then forward UDP ports 5060 and 10000 ~ 20000
or so to the PBX’s LAN ip.

The GUI for the box (port 80) should not be exposed to the outside world (not safe)
so if you want remote to the box look at a VPN solution like Hamachi.

QOS will not work over the Inet, that is local lan only