Port Management reverting to old ports when making changes

I am attempting to use Port Management to change ports to standard but it is not working. I have tried reinstalling sysadmin with fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin and I have tried yum updates as well with no luck. I also tried running fwconsole chown and cleared my cache. This was a backup that was restored from a FreePBX 13 box to a FreePBX 16 box. Any ideas?


“not working” is pretty vague description. If this is a permissions issue, then running fwconsole chown as the root user may resolve it.

Apologies, by that I mean that after changing the ports and clicking the submit button the changes revert back to the original configuration and never actually saves. I have tried using fwconsole chown and haven’t had any luck unfortunately.

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