Port Forwarding?


I am still a little confused with the ports that need to be open and how we are suppose to forward the ports. For each extension should we use a differnt port? 5060,5061,5062 etc… ?
Is there any need to forward ports to the phones or is it all done through the PBX? For example ext101 i have on port 5061 in the extension settings. Do i forward port 5061 to the phone or the pbx?

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You should not need to forward any ports under most circumstances.

Are you trying to register phones from the public Internet back to a FreePBX box behind NAT?

You certainly don’t have to have all those SIP ports open. 5060 for SIP and a whatever range you specify in rtp.conf (can be set in FreePBX sip module)

Thank you so much for all your help. Sorry it took me a while to get back.So i do not need a different sip port for each extension. I can use sip port 5060 for all of my extensions?

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No, I have never understood why people think each device needs it’s own port.

Look at it this way, everyone in your house can surf on port 80 at the same time.

forwarding on an internal network. if you are using sip trunks over the public internet then you will have to do some opening and routing of ports through the firewall.

Not necessarily. You don’t have to forward port 80 to surf the web. You don’t have to forward ports to Skype.

Port forwarding is a work around. Only needed when your carriers Session Border Controller can’t do it’s business with your firewall.

Port forwarding is needed for remote phone to access a server behind a firewall, just like any other server that hosts initiate connections from the Internet.

I am not sure where all this nonsense of having to forward ports for SIP accounts started. Just because it is called a trunk doesn’t make it any different from any other SIP transaction.

If you can open X-lite on your desktop and make a call via your provider without opening ports on a firewall you should have no issue with Asterisk doing the same.

but we might be having a terminology discussion (opening ports vs forwarding ports). if the ports are open on the firewall then you don’t have to do any forwarding. and yes i know you don’t need to forward port 80 to surf the web. each firewall uses different terminology, some low end devices don’t allow you to just open ports, you can only forward them, etc. and by the way, making an outbound call does not necessary imply you can make a successful inbound call. if you use ip authentication instead of sip registration you often do need to do port forwarding.

Yes I should have caveated that you must register and make sure you register often enough that your session does not expire. Also as you noted some low end firewalls can’t associate the multiple SIP requests and barf anyway.

That was why I noted if x-lite works through your firewall with your provider Asterisk should too.