Port forwarding and more?

Hello i know for port forwarding freepbx the standard ports are 5060 and 10000 to 20000. But i was wondering is there a port for the tftp server? What i mean is i need to remote a phone that is across town and it is a cisco phone that uses a .xml file in the tftp to get its information. Just wondering what other ports i need or anything else I need to make that connection?


For TFTP, only UDP port 69 needs to be forwarded to your PBX (or other TFTP server). However, there is absolutely no security and if you open this port to the world, anyone will be able to read the XML file and learn the username and password for the extension(s). At least, make sure that it is open only to the IP address of the remote site.

If the phone supports it, use a secure method of provisioning or provision it from a local server. Or, assuming that the phone will use the previous config if it can’t reach the TFTP server, open the port to set up the phone and then turn the forwarding off.

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