Port 5060

I am using version FreePBX and so far everything works except for connecting to port 5060.

I have tried binding the port via command line and/or via the GUI.

I also DMZ’d (static NAT) my router but it is always closed when doing a port scan.

What can I do?

After editing the the sip_general_custom.conf I amportal stop/start.

Thanks for any suggestions


Are you seeing the phones touch the PBX at all ?

To be completely honest, given the changes and modifications you’ve already done, I’d suggest simply reinstalling FreePBX again.
The 20 minutes you’ll spend reinstalling and configuring the PBX will be quicker than the 3+ hours you might spend troubleshooting the issue.

If, after a clean install, you find phones are still unable to register, then cast your suspicions on the router, or more specifically the firewall within the router.

You are not scanning the right port. I am not aware of an online port scanner able to scan UDP ports.