Port 5060 blocked

Hi. We are using FreePBX. One of our ISP’s in India (Airtel) is blocking port 5060 so we wish to bind an additional port to the asterisk server using FreePBX. Of course we can’t edit sip.conf here so I was wondering where on earth do we set an additional bind port ?

Thanks for any help

You’re not explaining things very well. Do you mean you have an extension in India that can’t communicate? If so, don’t overly complicate things - you can set the port in the extension setup and also at the endpoint. As long as the ports are set to the same thing at both ends, and there are no firewalls (at either end) blocking that port, it might work.

In a worst-case situation you may have to set up a VPN “tunnel” between the two ends, but it’s far beyond my ability to explain how to do that. Also, note that I’m simply addressing the theoretical “how to” behind this question, without touching on any legalities. Sometimes if a SIP port is blocked, it’s because some backward-thinking government has a law against using VoIP (usually in a misguided attempt to protect the government-owned telephone company). I’m not saying you should violate any local laws, even though my opinion of such laws should be pretty clear from the previous sentence. But, I had thought I read that India lifted its restrictions on the use of VoIP within the last year or two, but I may be wrong, or maybe that ISP didn’t get the memo.