Populate Internal contacts/extensions on unused BLF buttons

Just building out another FreePBX box for one of our offices and I guess my query is whether to DPMA or not.
I have always used DPMA on my older installs using D40/50/70 but as DPMA seems to be getting phased out I thought I’d try and stick with EPM.
Majority of staff are using Sangoma Talk but there are a few D65 with the EXT150 sidecar. I would like to automatically populate the BLF buttons on the phone/sidecar with the internal staff list and have them ordered by name alphabetically.
This was no problem on the D70’s with DPMA but using EPM I only seem to be able to assign them statically. So trying to arrange alphabetically when a new member of staff joins would be a nightmare to rearrange.
Am I missing a trick here or should I just enable DPMA?

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