Popovers and contributed modules

Can anyone point me to info about making contributed modules compatible with popovers. What are the basic requirements for popover compatibility?

I have worked out that I should update the module.xml with the popover section. But now I am stuck because I believe the way I am handling the display (originally copied from ivr back in 2.8) is not compatible with popovers.

The module is dynroute, which allows you to control call destinations based on values returned from an sql query. Latest version is

I can get the “add new Dynamic routes…” select box entry and when I chose it I get the dynroute add page in a popover, but when I save it I get a second freepbx menu inside the popover and the focus never goes back to the underlying page.

I would be glad of some pointers from someone who is familiar with the popover mechanism.


I think I got it now, to be compatible I need to use redirect_standard(‘id’).