Poorly behaving Sonicwall Router

Has anyone had success in forcing a Sonicwall router to leave outbound RTP packets alone? We have a situation where a TZ210 is “translating” the source port number (which causes no outbound audio at the SIP trunk provider) on some of the conversations, but it usually only affects the first couple packets.

We have a NAT rule built as follows:
Original Source IP:
Translated Source IP:
Original Destination: ANY
Translated Destination: ORIGINAL
Original Services: ANY
Translated Services: ORIGINAL
Inbound Interface : LAN
Outbound Interface : WAN

The router simply doesn’t seem to obey this rule all the time…

My professional assessment of the Sonic wall is they are complete turds.

But yes, people have been successful getting them to work VoIP until Sonicwall updates the software and breaks it again.

ditto Skyking’s assessment, my professional assessment, “they are notoriously arrogant and incompetent” just try calling their tech support to ask how to get more than one SIP/RTP connection through their hardware/software’s braindead functionality . . .

I have a customer with Sonicwall routers at 2 locations. We gave up and put a second NIC in the servers and hooked directly to the Internet. We have very tight iptables rules on the external NIC in the server.