Poor audio quality on soft phone


I have installed a new FreePBX system and everything is working great, excepted for softphones. I have multiple hard phones (Cisco 7940) working PERFECTLY! Audio quality is good, functions works greats! But when I try to use a softphone for when I’m away from home, I get audio problems… The quality of the audio is great, but it stops… Like if the bandwidth was not good enough! (But the bandwidth is good enough! And I tried on the same network as the server and I get the same exact problem). Any idea of what it could be? I’m using X-Lite as a softphone but I tried on multiple other softphones and I get the same results…



If anyone has any idea of how I could increase the quality, I’m willing to try!


exactly what hardware is the soft phone running on? and describe your networks.

I tried on a MacBook Pro i7 8GB and on a Lenovo Y50 i7-4720, 16GB of RAM, same problem!

The network is a based on an Asus RT-N16, Server-Router is 1GB/s and Computer-Router is 100MB/s (pass through a Cisco 7940 in switch mode). I also tried the computer in wifi mode, and on an external network using NAT.


For additional information, I did a few more tests and I’m not missing parts of the message. It’s juste waiting, as if it was “loading” or buffering the sounds packet… It basically add pauses between words…

Thanks for any help!