Polycom VVX410 with VVX Color Expansion Module Not Provisioning Commerical EPM

Currently running Free PBX v. 12.0.29 Asterisk v. 12.6.1 Commerical EPM v.

I have configured several 30+ VVX410 phones via the commercial EPM without issue. However we are adding an operator set using the VVX410 with a VVX Color Expansion module attached. I built a new template for the phone and setup the VVX-Color-1 Expansion Module for the correct BLFs. I have selected under extension mapping advanced VVX-Color-1 for Expansion 1.

When I update the phones configuration on the phone itself either by factory reset or by selecting update config. All the BLF’s listed under the EM section show up on the phone screen itself.

I am running version 4.1.6 on the handset, and the EM powers up and displays a background image.

I have gotten items to show up on the EM screen by creating false items in line key position 1-12 under the VVX-Color-1 Template. While this works its not ideal.

Am i missing something?

Thanks for any and all help.

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Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the exact same issue with the exact same hardware!