Polycom VVX 410, parking lots

I’m struggling to get a usable parking lot configuration.

I have may parking lots (71, 72) configured as static BLF line keys type ‘normal’. In this mode, I can retrieve calls parked on these extensions, but I cannot park a call by pressing the associated button.

I have a ‘Park’ button as a static BLF, but this one is set to ext 70 and automata. This one can be used to park the calls, but not retrieve them (obviously, no calls on 70…)

If I switch the 71 and 72 buttons to automata, I can’t pickup calls from there and I can’t transfer calls to them.

The actual hold button just holds the calls on the phone, no parking.

What I’d like is to have buttons 71 and 72 be ‘parkable’. While on a call, I’d like to hit the ‘71’ button and have the call parked there. Then I’d like to be able to retrieve the call by pressing the button again. Additionally, if the ‘hold’ button could be re-purposed to transfer to 70, that would be perfect.

FreePBX, polycom firmware 5.0.1


You need to make two parking lots with a single slot to do what you want. Then you can blind xfer to the key or use softkey macro

ok, I will test that, Thanks.

I’m on version, I can’t see how to create a second parking lot. I’ve configure 70 as the lot extension and 1 slot (71), but there is no visible option to add a second lot…