Polycom VV400 Phone Issues

I have a new install of 22 VVX400 Polycom phones. This is my first experience with them. I can say I am not impressed with the versatility of them so far. Here is what is driving me mad. I have a couple of Ring Groups. I have the right side buttons programmed as BLF/TRF buttons for a few phones. If one of them is ringing then it flashes the light (as I would expect) but it also pops up on the screen as a message: [email protected] has an incoming call from XXXX. If there happens to be two or three buttons for a group as BLF/TRF buttons on the same phone then all the phones that are ringing announce this way. I have looked all over the FreePBX and in the phone gui itself and I can’t find anywhere to turn this off. I also want the ringing line to not take over the screen if the phone is already on a call. Are these known issues and am I just a noob that hasn’t read the right manual yet or a bug? I used the EPM to program them and it appears to have less control over the phone than the OSS did. Just an obversation from someone who has used the EPM only on this install

Thanks for any comments and or help

You really need to read the Polycom administrators manual for the software release you are running. All of this behavior can be programmed.

Adding XML tags using the basefile editor in the Commercial EPM is a breeze.