Polycom UC4 Paging/Intercom fix (plus custom ring tones)

FWIW, FreePBX sends:
Alert-Info: Ring Answer

So if you are using Polycom phones running UC4, you want to make sure your config file(s) includes:

[See correction below]

Note that the first bit is to set the ring before it autoanswers to 1 millisecond (essentially nothing), otherwise it rings once and then autoanswers.

Just in case anyone is trying to figure out why UC4 and FreePBX won’t do Paging/Intercom any more.

[Sorry about that, I forgot to tag as “Preformatted text” the config file bits, so the forum software correctly assumed I meant for it to be invisible. No, wait, the other thing…]

Good information - except that I don’t see anything that looks like “how to do it”. Might be me - I’ve been having occasional problems with my browser this weekend.

Fixed it, sorry about that.

OK, so it’s weirder than that. (With Polycom phones, anway), FreePBX sends:

Alert-Info: Ring Answer

for Intercom calls (*80 and the extension number), and sends:

Alert-Info: Alert-Info: Auto Answer

for the Paging function. (Note the doubled-up “Alert-Info:”), so the two functions, which to the end user feel very similar, are actually very different in the PBX, and (Polycom) phones have to handle them separately (or map them both to ringAutoAnswer)

I’ve created custom ring tones (8 bit 8KHz u-Law,see many tutorials on the subject elsewhere) and put them in the root of my FTP server for the Polycom user, named after the appropriate user or function. Swap the wav files and reboot the phones to change them. Here’s my commented autoanswer.cfg file, which needs to be referenced in your 000000000000.cfg file:
[I had some problems with inline comments, so I’ll just add some notes here:

saf: Sampled Audio Files, load up some wav files (note 600K total file size)
se.rt: Sound Effects, Ring Tones, set the ring part of “Ring then Auto-Answer” to essentially zero
Alert-Info: either “Ring Answer” or “Alert-Info: Auto Answer” map to ringAutoAnswer
FreePBX sends ring(1-5) as the Alert-Info: for the (Sangoma) Ring (1-5) selections, map each of those to a custom class, and then map each custom class to a ringer, where the saf files you loaded start at index 15. [Rathole, VVX phones start at index 16, so bump them by one]

      <se.rt.ringAutoAnswer se.rt.ringAutoAnswer.timeout="1" />
	voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.value="Ring Answer"
	voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.value="Alert-Info: Auto Answer"