Polycom TLS

I want to know if someone can help me with the provisioning of Old polycom phone via EndPoint Manager, and TLS.

It’s a IP330 with Firmware 3.3.5.
No preinstalled device certificate. I cannot find the right way to install a certificate on it and make it work with TLS.

Ask if more detail is needed. I really need to make it work, willing to pay if someone can point me where to ask! (Polycom dont help on this…)

Hello; have you gone through these instructions with any luck?

If you could point out where in that process this is failing, we’d have something to go on. While it doesn’t entirely apply to your firmware version, it may get you pointed in the right direction. Here’s a link to the documentation:
TLS stuff starts on 4-97. Again, telling us where in that configuration things fail will help get a resolution.

Yes I try this FAQ, but the problem is that the phone dont have a GUI to import certificate. (Its very old phone). So I cannot find a way to import the certificate to the phone…

That is covered in the 3.3.0 admin guide I linked above. Search for “certificate”.