Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 refuses to keep its registration

We have the commercial module for the Endpoint Manager, and it works great for the Cisco phones we have.

However, in the conference rooms, we have Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 phones. I have both the option 60 and 160 set in DHCP to point to the PBX, but it won’t grab the config.

Manually setting the config works for a short time (5 minutes or so), then I get an error on the phone that the Line is not registered.

The log on the phone shows:

00020.874|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Download of master configuration file failed
000020.874|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Trying to boot from existing configuration
000020.880|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Provisioning failed
000020.886|cfg  |*|03|Prov|Finished updating configuration
000021.234|so   |*|03|Network initialized. Starting network tasks.
000021.234|log  |*|03|Install file upload callback for 'so'

000021.262|sip  |*|03|Fast Boot Measurement Point: Ready for Call, uptime: 21.262 sec.
000021.264|app1 |*|03|Ctx [0] Registered [false]
000021.326|app1 |5|03|Corporate directory instance does not exists.
000021.332|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

000021.334|utilm|4|03|uBLFCompressed: File /ffs0/local/local-directory_xml.zzz does not exist or is empty
000021.340|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

000021.340|utilm|4|03|uBLFCompressed: File /ffs0/local/local-directory_xml.zzz does not exist or is empty
0120022207|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

0120022207|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

0120022207|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Download of master configuration file failed
0120022207|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Trying to boot from existing configuration
0120022207|cfg  |4|03|Prov|Provisioning failed
0120022207|cfg  |*|03|Prov|Finished updating configuration
0120022207|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

0120022207|log  |4|03|UtilLogC::uploadFifoLog: upload error. protocol 0 result = -1
0120022207|log  |4|03|Failed to upload boot log on start up.
0120022207|copy |4|03|DNS lookup failed for ��

0120022207|log  |4|03|UtilLogC::uploadFifoLog: upload error. protocol 0 result = -1

Then, in the /var/log/asterisk/full log, I occasionally see this:

[2016-01-19 18:51:44] NOTICE[1824] chan_sip.c: Registration from '<sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' - Wrong password

And then eventually the phone will log this:

Registration failed User: Error Code:480 Temporarily not available

Does anybody have knowledge of these Polycom IP 5000s? Why would it not grab the config from Endpoint Manager, and then why is it losing its registration?

Is it not option 66 on the DHCP? Not sure why you have 60.

The same for option 160. That should be 150!

My apologies, we have ports 66 and 150. I was very tired when I wrote the post last night.

so there is no valid DNS server defined on the network via DHCP for the phone, and it cannot find your servers you may have defined in your DHCP server via option 66 or 150 by hostname lookup by looking at the logs you posted. As a troubleshooting measure, try defining the TFTP or FTP server in the phone’s web interface, and also define a DNS server and see if that generates different messages in the logs.