Polycom soundpoint 501 with FreePBX Version 12

Hi all,

I have to say that I am completely new with freepbx and asterisk and voip.

I have installed centos 6.5 and freepbx and asterisk and I have 2 polycom soundpoint 501 phones that I would like to connect to freepbx.

The phone connects to my ftp server and it is downloading the bootrom and some other files but when it wants to boot I have an error Configuration error 0x4020. Also I do not know how to generate the phone configuration files, i searched and it seems that I need Endpoint manager with freePBX to generate those cfg files for the phone. Right now I do not have that module installed in freepbx, can someone generate the config files for polycom soundpoint 501 ?

I am attaching the log that was uploaded by the phone to my ftp server, maybe someone can explain me what to do next

1127173114|copy |3|00|'ftp://root:@’ to '’
1127173114|copy |3|00|Upload of ‘0004f2037ce0-boot.log’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
0100000000|so |4|00|---------- Initial log entry ----------
0100000000|so |4|00|+++ Note that bootrom log times are in GMT +++
0100000000|cfg |4|00|Initial log entry
0100000000|copy |3|00|Initial log entry
0100000000|hw |4|00|Initial log entry.
0100000000|ethf |4|00|Initial log entry.
1127173127|wdog |4|00|Initial log entry
1127173127|cdp |3|00|CDP is DISABLED. CDP not detected at boot.
1127173127|so |3|00|Platform: Model=SoundPoint IP 501, Assembly=2345-11500-030 Rev=B
1127173127|so |3|00|Platform: Board=2345-11500-030 A
1127173127|so |3|00|Platform: MAC=0004f2037ce0, IP=Resolving, Subnet Mask=Resolving
1127173127|so |3|00|Platform: BootBlock=2.5.0 (11500_030) 06-Nov-04 08:08
1127173127|so |3|00|Application, main: Label=BOOT, Version= 28-Sep-09 21:32
1127173127|so |3|00|Application, main: P/N=3150-11069-414
1127173127|app1 |4|00|Initial log entry.
1127173128|so |3|00|Link status is Net up Speed 100 full Duplex, PC down.
1127173132|cdp |3|00|CDP did not receive a response from a switch. Disabling CDP.
1127173143|app1 |3|00|DNS resolver server is '’
1127173143|app1 |3|00|DNS resolver search domain is 'home’
1127173143|app1 |3|00|Bootline: eim(0,0)bootHost:flash e= h= g= u=root pw=
f=0x40 tn=Ci
1127173143|app1 |3|00|Bootline: rcaIP
1127173143|app1 |3|00|DHCP returned result 0x287 from server
1127173143|app1 |3|00| Phone IP address is
1127173143|app1 |3|00| Subnet mask is
1127173143|app1 |3|00| Gateway address is
1127173143|app1 |3|00| DNS server is
1127173143|app1 |3|00| DNS domain is home.
1127173144|app1 |4|00|Config result 0 is unexpected
1127173144|cfg |3|00|Beginning to provision phone
1127173144|copy |3|00|‘ftp://root:@’ from '’
1127173144|cfg |3|00|Image 2345-11500-030.bootrom.ld has not changed
1127173144|copy |3|00|buffered_write: transfer terminated
1127173144|copy |3|00|Download of ‘2345-11500-030.bootrom.ld’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
1127173144|cfg |3|00|Downloaded bootROM is identical to current version 4.1.4
1127173144|copy |3|00|'ftp://root:
@’ from '’
1127173145|copy |3|00|Download of ‘0004f2037ce0.cfg’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
1127173145|copy |3|00|‘ftp://root:@’ from '’
1127173145|copy |4|00|Download of ‘2345-11500-030.sip_318.ld’ FAILED on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
1127173145|copy |4|00|Server ‘’ said ‘2345-11500-030.sip_318.ld’ is not present
1127173145|cfg |4|00|Could not get all 512 bytes of the header
1127173145|copy |3|00|'ftp://root:
@’ from '’
1127173145|cfg |3|00|Image sip_318.ld has not changed
1127173145|copy |3|00|buffered_write: transfer terminated
1127173145|copy |3|00|Download of ‘sip_318.ld’ succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)
1127173145|cfg |3|00|Downloaded application image is identical to current version
1127173146|cfg |3|00|Phone successfully provisioned
1127173146|app1 |3|00|Application, load: Type=SIP, Version= 29-Feb-12 12:01
1127173224|app1 |4|00|Could not load time from
1127173230|app1 |4|00|Loaded application sip_318.ld successfully, errors 0x20.
1127173230|app1 |6|00|Uploading boot log, time is TUE NOV 27 17:32:31 2012

Thank you very much.