Polycom Ringtones

Does anyone know of some sites where I can download some free ringtones for Polycom Soundpoint phones for a professional environment? We are using FreePBX as well. Thanks!

Do you have SoundPoint IP, SoundStation IP, and Polycom VVX phones? If so I believe those all accept WAV files. They just need to be formatted correctly (a quick edit in audacity — free download) before you can use them. I have a lot of creative (I use that term loosely) customers that want to use ring tones from their android / iphone etc on their desk phones BECAUSE “they just love that ringtone”…lol

Anyhow, there are a lot of websites that have sound bytes available for download, as well as a lot of free ringtone websites out there. Anything in MP3 format can be converted to WAV as well in audacity.

Here is a quick snippet from Polycom:

I’d skim through that document so you can get an overview of the file types etc.