Polycom reg picking up incoming queue call when dialing out

I have a call queue coming into five different endpoints that are static members of a queue. At times, when dialing out, a station will pick up an incoming call. The caller hears the digits they are dialing. If it happens at the right time, core show channels shows that the station is talking to the number they were calling, and not the call they received. For instance, core show channels shows this:
SIP/3000-0003a4b5 [email protected] Up Dial(DAHDI/g0/1800336xxx,300
and does not show anything about the call that SIP/3000 is actually on, which is an incoming call from 480392xxxx.

I just set Skip Busy Agents to Yes. It was No. Any other suggestions about why a station/queue member would pick up an incoming call in the queue while dialing out, and how to fix it? Thanks.