Polycom Provisioning modifications


I’m setting up auto provisioning for my polycoms and grandstreams (mostly polycom ip550 and ip670) and it’s working OK so far.
But I would like to set the time display format to 24h clock and not 12h clock. Where should I change this? In one of the json files under /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint?? Or do I change it in one of the spipm files? The only problem is that I can’t find the necessary options there.

Also one of those base template files in the /endpoint folder mentions its better to put a timezone there than putting a gmtOffset, does this mean I should remove the gmtOffset in the sip file of the polycoms and add like Europe/London to the timezone option?

Besides that not all of my phones use the same backlighting although they have been reset to factory settings.

I would like to mention that I can make calls etc without problems but it are just these tiny things to set everything perfect.


ps: if I can find a manual about this, please let me know because the polycom site isn’t really helpful for this.