Polycom phones will only provision after factory reset

Running FreePBX on a Dell PowerEdge server. We are configuring Polycom VVX400 and VVX600 phones for use on this server. The phones provision fine if we factory reset them from the device and manually enter the following information:

Provisioning server: 10.1.x.x
Protocol: TFTP
DHCP: Custom+Option66
Boot Server Option: 160

Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to do it. When I enter these settings via the phone’s web interface and reboot it, it always reboots twice and picks up the old provisioning server settings on the second boot. This is a pity, because we have about 90 phones to re-provision and we would prefer to do it remotely. Is there something special we need to do with these Polycom phones to get them to pick up the provisioning server without physically entering the necessary settings?

Dumb question but is your DHCP server giving the phones outdated provisioning info?

facepalm Not a dumb question. It might have helped if we’d remembered to turn off automatic provisioning on the old VoIP server. Thanks for the nudge!

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