Polycom Phones Will not register to freepbx2.11


I have a system that crashed and after rebuilding it some of the polycom ip 430 phones registered and other will not register for some reason. Before upgrading to the latest version of freepbx i was able to make the changes to the extensions by changing the config files in the tftp directory but when i check the tftp directory here there are no more config files. i believe the endpoiont manager is changing the phone configs from a different location.

Can anyone help me figure this out and get those extensions registered to the system. everything is on the same lAN.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


/tftpboot/ is still the correct location. Sounds like you need to setup End Point Manager. The phones that are randomly working must be using their settings from their last boot. Depending on how old your “crashed” system was, significant changes have been made to the firmware and it is no longer compatible with the old cfg files. Upgrade everything using the EMP & you should be all set.

That worked Thanks!!!