Polycom phones over Untangle Open VPN

Hi All,

Banging my head on this one for awhile. I’m somewhat new to FreePBX, but like it so far. Soft phones and hard phones all work as expected.

Here is my issue.

I have 2 sites connected via Untangle and OpenVPN site to site. My PBX is at My other network is at I can ping anything and everything between the 2 sites. All traffice flows pretty much unimpeded. The untangle server on the site is passing out option 66 dhcp-option=66,“tftp://” along with the other normal stuff.

I can configure phones on my site just fine. I can take a previously configured phone to the site and it will work fine. However, I can’t get a phone to configure while it’s on the network. It just keeps saying “unable to contact boot server” I’m using endpoint configuration to setup phones.

I’m manually adding phones. Not trying to search the subnet.

Phones are polycom 650’s.