Polycom Phone with Freepbx and URI?


I am looking for Polycom URI and cannot fin anything useful. For Yealink its easy and clear:

http://IP address of phone/cgi-bin/ConfigManApp.com?key= variable value

But Polycom - I dont want to believe they do not support that.

What URI are you looking for exactly?

Hi Tom, to have ability to make outbound calls directly from a phone

You have to enable SIP URI dialing on the phone. Not sure I’d recommend that as they can then direct a call to anywhere and bypass the PBX.

I cannot find that anywhere in vxx 410 - 411 - I wonder if I have to update firmware of these phones are not supporting that

Not all features are configurable via the GUI. You have to use the config files for certain things. This would all be covered in the Polycom UC admin manual for your UC release.

so the only way achieve is setting up tftp server on pbx and manually set cfg using xml - right?

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