Polycom phone p550 Forward

Im using free PBX with a polycom phone P550. and able to forward my calls from the office to my cell through the phone.
When the calls come in, they do forward but I can not hear anyone or they can not hear me.

They also can not leave voice messages

Is there a place in the Free PBX system where I can get forward calls to work.

Thank you.

If using chan sip, do you have NAT to yes?

The “no sound on forward” problem has been seen here a few times.

Some things you can try:

  1. Set the extension to “detect fax” and see if that helps.
  2. The forward on the phone should end with “#” after the number.
  3. I had a problem with sending SIP calls out back through my provider causing a problem like this. I ended up getting an “outbound only” trunk set up through Alcazar Networks so that the outbound call didn’t try to ride the path back to my ITS (from whence it had come).