Polycom only loads softkeys from EPM configuration

When I create an extension for a Polycom 601 (I know they are old; I’m working on replacing them, but I still have a lot of them) and assign it to a template in EPM, the polycom only loads the Softkeys - there are no lines, or date, etc.

This just started happening. It was working before I upgraded EPM from 14.0.9 to 14.0.23.
I looked at the cfg files and they look correct.
The phone starts correctly, and has all the loading screens.

Screens that appear when booting

  1. “Updating initial configuration”
  2. “Loading Application”
  3. “Running Ap= polycom/1/sip_318.ld”
  4. Welcome (proper ip address from DHCP, MAC is correct, and Rev:

After this, the blank screen appears (except for the softkeys)
Then after a little while, it reboots again and does it all over again.

What happened? I set EPM back to the former version and rebuilt the config files, but that doesn’t help.
I can’t find anything the matter. The firmware is exactly the same as it’s always been.

The phone saves it’s log files to the server just fine, and seems to download it’s bootroms and config files okay.

I do notice that in the BaseFile Editor for that template, there is no features.cfg data - it’s blank. But I don’t know if it is supposed to be that way for a 601. It’s NOT that way for a 650.

Whoops - I forgot to include legacy_sip.cfg in the mac.cfg for the BaseFile Edit.
After I added it back, it began to work right.

ha ha… uh, yeah. My fault here. But I’m leaving the post in case anyone else does this.

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