Polycom Missed Call List

Is there there a different / better / official way to enable the “Missed Call List” on Polycom devices?..

Polycom published a PDF describing how to DISABLE the “Missed Call List” by editing the “sip.cfg” file. Unfortunately, the naming conventions in their document look outdated or, at least, not the same format within my current file.

The doc explains to edit the following attributes in the “feature” node of the file:

feature.8.name=”calllist-missed” feature.8.enabled="0"

However, the current file appears to use proper names for the attributes. For example:

feature.urlDialing.enabled="0" feature.directedCallPickup.enabled="0"

Also, the problem I’ve found has a header stated “Generated sip-basic.cfg file” which leads me to believe there is either a master file OR that this file will be blown away at some point.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Configuration file: /var/www/html/admin/modules/_ep_phone_modules/endpoint/polycom/spipm/sip.cfg

Polycom document: SoundPointIP_Disable_Common_Features_QT35147.pdf

Looks like I was overcomplicating this. The commercial endpoint manager exposed several properties, including the Missed Call Log.