Polycom IP6000 Enable directory (contacts)

Using EPM I have configured 3 Polycom IP 6000 conference room phones.
I need to be able to access the directory from the phone. I have two directories - one for each company division which is accessible via Contacts in the Sangoma phones. There is a contact directory on the phones features - selection 3 but it is empty.

Phone Apps are not supported on Polycom devices.

I understand that phone apps are not supported. The phone has a contacts feature that is not populated. I want a way to populate it with our extension list

IIRC< @PitzKey posted something that might be a start to solving your problem last week. You need to run a program (the specifics of the phone will decide when and how) that builds your Contacts list so it can be downloaded to the phone.

Every manufacturer does this a little differently, so you may have to tweak the program that builds your contact file for your phone.


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