Polycom IP560 with EPM

I have FreePBX up and running and purchased EPM to set up my polycom IP560 desk phones. I configured the template for IP560 in EPM, and booted the phone. When the phone boots I get a message saying the image is not compatible with the phone. I am relatively new to VoIP, please help!!!

Sounds like you need to upgrade your firmware to the 4.X release that we require.

sounds logical, any advice on how to do that? the polycom website is less than clear on the subject.

I am not 100% sure but the configs we write out require bootrom 4.X to be installed or it wont understand our configs and we cant upgrade the bootrom since it does not understand our configs.

Thanks to Polycom and their big changes in config files.

So I found another polycom phone (also an ip560) that wasn’t having this issue with the image not being compatible. However when I boot this phone up it still has our old configuration instead of pulling the new one from EPM. ( we are currently using altigen and maxcommunicator until I can get FreePBX up and running completely. ) I’m pretty sure its user error at this point, and that I’m doing something wrong either within EPM or in the settings of the actual phone.

my template in EPM is as follows:

Destination Address: (address of my FreePBX) internal
Missed Calls: Enabled
Persistent Volume: Enabled
Call Waiting Signal: Beep
Time Server: time.schmoozecom.net
Daylight Savings: Enabled
Time Zone: -6:00
Background image: (company logo)
Provision Server Address:Server Address: (address of my FreePBX)
Provision Server Protocol: TFTP
Line label: Extension
Firmware Version: Recommended

Available phones: (IP 560 is selected)

Does anything in this look strange? Thanks for the help

Ok - I am an extreme newbie, not even running FreePBX, yet, but I’m helping a friend with her IP560 and found your thread via a little searching.

Here’s what I think I’ve learned about IP560’s - there is a “Server” setting that tells the IP560 where to find provisioning files and firmware updates. Wherever you point it, that’s where it looks for both.

An ip560 will look for *.cfg files for setup info. It appears to also look for files named 2345-12560-001.sip.ld for updated firmware files and 2345-12600-001.bootrom.ld for updated bootroms. If the sip.ld and bootrom.ld files on your provisioning server (in this case, your FreePBX server) are not aligned with the existing sip.ld and bootrom.ld files already present on your phone, then the phone will attempt an upgrade (or downgrade!) using the firmware/bootrom from your provisioning server. If everything doesn’t line up between the files on your server and your phone, you get that incompatible message (I THINK).

So - here’s the behavior I’ve seen that supports this. If I set up a TFTP server on my PC, place all the Polycom bootloader update/firmware update files in the right place, point my IP560 to my TFTP “provisioning” server, then my the phone boots, loads, etc, but (of course) can’t find a config file or server to which to register. The important part here is that I don’t get an “incompatible” message. As soon as I point the phone to the HTTP provisioning server that my friend’s VoIP service uses (RingCentral), I get the “incompatible” message at boot time. Therefore, I suspect that RingCentral has a file called 2345-12560-001.sip.ld that is an older rev (or newer?) than is on the phone, but the phone’s bootloader version won’t let the phone upgrade/downgrade. Perhaps you have the same problem.

I hope this information is useful. Here are some articles I read that helped:



First you need to download the Polycom® Upgrader 4.4.0 Utility, you can download it at http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/voice/soundpoint_ip/soundpoint_ip560.html. You can use filezilla as your ftp server to upload this bootrom to your polycom phone.

You can upgrade the bootrom. Procedure on Polycom site.

You are working too hard at it. FreePBX takes care of all of this. JUst set the boot server on the phone to the FreePBX server and select type tftp.

The system comes with an Open Source End Point manager that you can use to provision and manage firmware. We also have an advanced EPM in the FreePBX App Store.

I think the OP’s problem is that the phone has an older (3.x) firmware on the phone. Even if the newer firmware is on their FreePBX server, the IP560 won’t update the firmware without the updated bootrom. Put the bootrom files where the firmware files are located on the FreePBX server, and the phone will do the work (if the phone’s “server” is configured to point to the FreePBX box). Polycom 4.x firmware needs the 4.4.0B bootrom upgrader files.

Darn - can’t edit what I’ve posted.

I believe the OP just needs to:

  • Take the files from the SoundPoint IP, SoundStation IP and Polycom VVX Upgrader 4.4.0B download, unzip them to their FreePBX ftp server folder
  • Take the contents of the “Polycom UC software 4.1.0 Rev I for SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP series[Split]” files and do the same
  • Make sure that phone “Server” settings are pointed to the FreePBX server
  • Reboot the phone (and watch it reboot a couple more times during the bootloader and firmware updates)