PolyCom IP 670

I’ve been working with the Cisco phones for a little while and have a pretty good grasp on manually configuring the phones for registration and programming the multifunction lines for blf and speed dial…

Then came the request for a SoundPoint IP 670…

I can get the phone to register via the phone’s GUI, manually, but where the heck is the section for configuring the multifunction buttons?

I’ve checked online and it seems there is a application you need to download to a PC (UC 3.2.x or higher) to configure the multifunction buttons?

Can someone briefly walk me through this? Is there a simple way to configure the 6 multifunction buttons for blf+sd+etc like I can with the Cicso phones?


The 6 line key buttons are easily configurable via the phone or it’s web interface. You program them as speed dials for BLF. un your main line config, you have to set your line appearances to 2 to free up the bottom 4 buttons.

The 4 keys under the display are softkeys or EFK’s as poly calls them… they are a bit more tricky and must be configured from your provisioning server, unless running 4.0 the SOME things can be done via the web interface.

Trying to get up to speed. I’ve logged into the gui for the phone, but I’m not seeing ANYTHING for configuring the configurable buttons. I’m on the polycom website looking for a firmware upgrade (as what I see in my browser doesn’t match the screenshot of the polycom documentation I downloaded from their site)…

Is it possible that i have an older firmware? If so, how do i upgrade it? I only see a seriously long list of bootROM files on their website… are they the same thing?

The Cisco phones took a little hunting around, but I eventually found the section for programming the line buttons… this Polycom unit seems to be a conundrum…

You cannot add speed dials to 3.3.4 via the web interface… Only on 4.0 and up.