Polycom IP 650 Phones not registering with Freepbx using Netgear Router

hi Everyone,

we have changed the router modem to netgear and using 20 polycom ip phones IP 650.

In the beginning all of the phones goes down. however disabling sipalg, and choosing secured will do some magic for us but still 3 to 4 phones are down and sending the registration to my aws cloud Freepbx with private ip’s and are not able to register.

I am losing all my hopes now.

any suggestions or fixes

Are you saying you had the same setup before, and the only recent change is the router? Was there anything else about the network that also changed? Do you have the model of the new Netgear router?

Is it the same 3 to 4 phones that are staying down, while all the others consistently work correctly? If so, it will probably help to get a packet trace of one of these bad phones trying to register, and a packet trace of a good phone for comparison.

Do you have any details about what “choosing secured” means? Did that option have any details in the name or documentation about what that is doing?

This is the netgear model: R6400v2

the problematic ip phones are coming with private ip’s

I would first check the phone configurations to make sure they are registering to the correct PBX address. Other than that, looking at packet traces during a registration attempt would be my next step.

You can use this guide on how to record sip traffic to a saved file, that can be opened with an application like Wireshark. https://wiki.sangoma.com/display/PPS/Capture+TCPDumps

Or, assuming these are pjsip extensions, you can run a packet capture in the asterisk cli by entering:
pjsip set logger host ip.of.test.phone

If you’re not seeing any registration attempts come in after restarting the phone, and you’re sure the phone’s configuration is correct, it might be a firewall issue if the phones and pbx are on different subnets, but that’s just a guess without know more.

we have found the problem.

It’s the netgear router.

Netgear Router is not recommended to use with VoIP and Polycoms. They manipulate the headers and causes lot of problem for voice traffic.

Replaced with TPLINK. working fine now everything.

That’s great. Thanks for the followup.

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On the Netgear, please confirm that you set Disable SIP ALG but it didn’t help.

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