Polycom Ip 330

Ok, I downloaded the Asterisk Now distro, 1.7.0 from Asterisk.org I can add the extensions using Freepbx that came with it but cannot do anything with the phone. I was able to add a soft phone and that came up just fine, but the polycom ip 330 does not want to dial anything. I have checkd and rechecked all settings. I looked at the Status on the phone and it shows it is registered but yet Freepbx dashboard status shows 0 ip phones online. If I add the soft phone it shows as 1 IP phone online but It should show the polycom as well (2 devices) and does not.

Anybody have any experience with Polycom? what I am missing in the configuation of that phone through its web interface?

Any help would be appreciated


Through the web interface of the phone itself. If the soft phone is working on that extension, it would mean freepbx is setup correctly right?


How are you programming the Polycom?