Polycom Auto-Answer

I just did a fresh install of Distro and I seem to have the auto answer feature working. However, does anyone know if there is a way to get the phone (Polycom 320) to auto answer ONLY if the intercom is used? Ideally, when someone dials 101, we wouldn’t want the phone to auto answer. When someone dials *80101, then we would want it to. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks!

Do you have “Internal Auto Answer” turned on for this extension? Turn it off. *80xxxx should still work.

Yes I did and turning it off worked. Thanks!

After getting everything going, we’ve decided that we want to change the ringtone when using intercom. By default, the phone rings once (low-trill) and then beeps and auto answers. Ideally, when dialing *80XXX, we want it to beep without ringing (or ring a custom ringtone - which would be a 2 second beep or so). What is the best way to accomplish this? I’ve checked the sip.cfg and sip3333.cfg files but can’t seem to find where to change the ring types. Also, not sure how to add a new ring tone? The phones are on the latest firmware and we are on the latest version of distro. Thanks…

Anyone have a suggestion? I either want to create a custom ringtone (not even sure how to do this) to ring, or I want it to Auto Answer instead of Ring Answer (ring once and then answer). In the old sip.cfg file on the trixbox server, it was easy to find and edit settings. I haven’t been able to find it with the new cfg files. Thoughts?

Anyone? Thanks in advance…

you must define the custom ring tones in the .cfg file and then specify which one to use. I usually put the ring tones in the appropriate sip.cfg file so it loads for all the phones.

Okay, is there a specific way to do that so when I “apply changes” in the gui, it won’t get overwritten? Thanks!


then put the changes into the templates and if you regenerate the config you retain your changes.